Vanish is a fictional reality competition series featuring total strangers being cut off from the outside world in a secluded house. The house, referred to as The Complex, is a spacious living area featuring real world luxuries surrounded by cameras and microphones broadcasting every movement while leaving the visitors trapped in the house. Similar to the reality show Big Brother, they must eliminate each other one by one on a weekly basis to win the $1,000,000 prize.

Series Overview Edit

List of Vanish Seasons
Season Duration (in days) Competitors Complex Theme Winner Runner-Up Vote Notes
Vanish 80 14 Spanish Villa Sabrina Torres Finn Baines 4-3
Vanish II 87 15 Haunted House Peyton Boyd Nicole "Nina" Ikekika 4-3 Introduced the Wild Card Entrant twist.
Vanish III 78 15 Island Beach Arthur Marshall Jenna McNeil 6-1
Vanish IV 82 16 Cyberpunk/Vaporwave Nancy Locklear Jesse van der Burgh 5-2 Cast consisted entirely of people of color.
Vanish V 82 16 Old Hollywood Sami Malek Seth Wentworth 5-2
Vanish VI 80 16 Glass House Adrian McLaughlin Ford Thomas 7-0 Cast consisted of secret duos of people who know each other.
Vanish: All Stars 92 16 Ancient Civilizations Peter Nguyen Alec Malopoulos 8-1 Cast consisted entirely of returning players.
Vanish 8 74 14 Las Vegas Casino Natalie Davidson Christina Murray 6-1
Vanish 9 14 Creole Townhouse
Vanish 10 16 Ski Resort
Vanish 11 16 Pueblo Revival
Vanish 12: Unforgiven 16 Art Deco Cast consisted of new and returning players.
Vanish 13 14 Jungle Treehouse
Vanish 14 14 Amusement Park
Vanish: All Stars II 16 Royal Castle
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