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The Cataclysm: World At War is the 32nd season of the fiction reality competition series The Cataclysm. Taking place in the Lau Islands of Fiji, twelve men and twelve women, compete in the ultimate test of strength, endurance, and intelligence in order to be the "last one standing" and claim the $2,000,000 prize.

Contestant Jennifer Dai made her return on The Cataclysm: Santa Maria.


  • Exemption Challenge: The Cataclysm's immunity challenge. The winner(s) of this challenge is exempt from elimination.
  • Final Challenge: The finalists are determined in a Final Challenge, where the remaining contestants compete in a multi-level final competition that determines who advances to the end. In this season, the remaining four contestants compete to earn one of three final spots and the loser becomes the final member of the jury.
  • Ballot: The Cataclysm's elimination round. Those nominated to face the ballot risk being eliminated.
  • Medallions: In addition to the Resurrection Medallion, the other medallions available to use are: the Fire Medallion, which allows the holder to instantly nominate a player for the ballot, and the Chaos Medallion, which allows the holder to erase the ballot nominations and leave all the players up for elimination, excluding the holder of the chaos medallion and the exemption challenge winner.

New Twists/Changes[]

  • World At War: In the country faction format, teams must compete to win the Exemption Challenge where their selected Commander nominates three opposing countries to face the voting ballot.
  • Danger Dome: The three nominated countries compete in the returning Danger Dome to save themselves from going into the voting ballot. One faction will save themselves, while the losing two will proceed with the voting ballot.
  • Surrender: When only one person remains in a country, they "surrender" where they are temporarily out of the game. They can return to the game by betting on another country in the Exemption Challenge - should that country win, they join that country's faction.
  • No Medallions until Solo Stage: Medallions are not made available for use until the solo stage of the game for the first time in their existence.


Contestant Age Original Faction New Faction Solo Stage Finish
Lindsay Reyes Lindsayworld.png 23 Spain 1st/2nd Eliminated

23rd/24th Place

Leah Jackman Leahworld.png 24 Australia
Pierre Gauthier Pierreworld.png 33 France 3rd/4th Eliminated

21st/22nd Place

Alissa Lee Alissaworld.png 22 China
Trenton Berger Trentonworld.png 23 United States 5th/6th Eliminated

19th/20th Place

Mitchell Zhang Mitchellworld.png 25 China
Serena Hopkins Serenaworld.png 27 United Kingdom 7th/8th Eliminated

17th/18th Place

Nelson Queiroz Nelsonworld.png 27 Brazil
Eric Avila Ericworld.png 29 Spain 9th/10th Eliminated

15th/16th Place

Cody Moss Codyworld.png 25 United States
Ruby Gomez Rubyworld.png 28 Spain West Island 11th Eliminated

14th Place

Ana Maria de Fonseca Anamariaworld.png 27 Brazil West Island 12th Eliminated

13th Place

Darcy Griffith Darcyworld.png 26 Australia West Island 13th Eliminated

12th Place

Maisie Perry Maisieworld.png 21 United Kingdom West Island Individual 14th Eliminated

11th Place

1st Jury Member

Vachan Tarholi Vachanworld.png 34 India East Island 15th Eliminated

10th Place

2nd Jury Member

Jennifer Dai Jenniferworld.png 30 China West Island 16th Eliminated

9th Place

3rd Jury Member

Urijah Sutton Urijahworld.png 31 United States West Island 17th Eliminated

8th Place

4th Jury Member

Jasmine Rehal Jasmineworld.png 28 India East Island 18th Eliminated

7th Place

5th Jury Member

Rebecca Duhamel Rebeccaworld.png 31 France East Island 19th Eliminated

6th Place

6th Jury Member

Christian Garreau Christianworld.png 30 France East Island 20th Eliminated

5th Place

7th Jury Member

Jaida Porter Jaidaworld.png 32 United Kingdom East Island 21st Eliminated

Lost Final Challenge

4th Place

8th Jury Member

Jonas Caetano Jonasworld.png 26 Brazil East Island

Second Runner Up

Zero Votes

Peyton Mussett Peytonworld.png 27 Australia East Island

Runner Up

Three Votes

Dara Singh Daraworld.png 25 India West Island

Winner of The Cataclysm

Five Votes

Episode Progress[]

WINNER The contestant won The Cataclysm: World At War.
Runner-Up The contestant finished in 2nd place.
2nd Runner-Up The contestant finished in 3rd place.
WIN The contestant won the Exemption Challenge as the Commander (Faction Stage), and nominated three opposing players/factions for the voting ballot.
WIN The contestant won the Exemption Challenge and was immune from elimination.
SAFE The contestant was not immune, but was not placed in the ballot.
LOW The contestant faced the voting ballot and survived. The contestant won the Danger Dome and prevented themselves from facing the voting ballot (World At War).
BTM The contestant faced the voting ballot. They received the second highest number of votes (not including World At War).
ELIM The contestant received the highest number of votes and was subsequently eliminated.
Contestant Episode
1* 2 3* 4* 5* 6 7 8 9 10 11* 12 13* 14 15 16
Dara SAFE SAFE SAFE SAFE WIN Ruby Ana Maria Urijah WIN Vachan Jennifer Urijah WIN WIN WIN WIN WINNER
Peyton Leah SAFE SAFE WIN SAFE WIN WIN WIN Maisie Vachan Jennifer Urijah Jasmine* Rebecca Christian WIN Runner-Up
Jonas SAFE WIN SAFE Nelson SAFE WIN WIN WIN Maisie Vachan Jennifer Urijah Jasmine Rebecca Christian WIN 2nd Runner-Up
Jaida SAFE SAFE SAFE Serena SAFE WIN WIN WIN Urijah Vachan WIN Urijah Jonas Rebecca Christian ELIM Dara
Christian SAFE Pierre SAFE SAFE SAFE WIN WIN WIN Urijah Dara Jennifer Urijah Jasmine Jonas Jonas Dara
Rebecca SAFE Pierre SAFE SAFE SAFE WIN WIN WIN Urijah Dara Jennifer WIN Jasmine Jonas Dara
Jasmine SAFE SAFE SAFE SAFE WIN WIN WIN WIN Maisie Vachan Jennifer Urijah Jonas Dara
Urijah SAFE SAFE Trenton SAFE N/A Ruby Ana Maria Darcy Maisie WIN Peyton* Jonas Peyton
Jennifer WIN Alissa N/A Surrendered Ruby Ana Maria Darcy Maisie Vachan Peyton Peyton
Maisie SAFE SAFE SAFE Serena SAFE Ruby Ana Maria Darcy Urijah Peyton
Darcy Leah SAFE SAFE WIN SAFE Ruby Ana Maria Urijah
Ana Maria SAFE WIN SAFE Nelson SAFE Darcy Jennifer
Ruby Eric SAFE WIN SAFE N/A Darcy
Eric Lindsay SAFE WIN SAFE N/A
Nelson SAFE WIN SAFE Ana Maria
Mitchell WIN Alissa N/A
Trenton SAFE SAFE Urijah
Alissa WIN Mitchell
Pierre SAFE Christian
Leah Darcy
Lindsay Ruby


  • On Episode 1, the Spain faction came to a tie in the voting ballot. As a result, Lindsay was eliminated in a three-way duel.
  • On Episode 3, the China faction competed in a duel to stay in the game. Jennifer won, and Mitchell was subsequently eliminated.
  • On Episode 4, Jennifer being the last contestant on her faction forced her to surrender. She was able to bet on a faction (United States) to win the following Exemption Challenge, however their loss led to her remaining surrendered.
  • On Episode 5, Jennifer bet on a faction (United States) to win the following Exemption Challenge, however their loss led to her remaining surrendered. Also, the Spain and United States factions held duels to eliminate at their voting ballots. Ruby and Urijah each won, leading to Cody's and Eric's eliminations.
  • On Episode 11, Jonas played a Resurrection Medallion on Urijah, thus removing his nomination from the voting ballot.
  • On Episode 13, Peyton played a Fire Medallion, thus removing her nomination from the voting ballot and adding everyone eligible into the ballot.

Season Summary[]

The 24 contestants arrived on the beach in Fiji where they learn of the World At War twist with them being divided based on their country of origin. Some factions get along well such as United States and United Kingdom, however difficulty with Spain caused them to be dysfunctional. Several of the countries decided to play it safe and throw early challenges to keep themselves out of harm's way, however the only faction to successfully accomplish this is India.

China won the first Exemption Challenge, deciding to target Australia and the United States for their strength and Spain for their dysfunction. The US saved themselves in the Danger Dome, leading to the other countries eliminating Leah and Lindsay. A three-way tie forced Spain to compete to remain in the game. Brazil winning next continued the targeting of the US, however they once again saved themselves. China putting themselves in the forefront initially led to their nomination as well. France also being nominated led to Alissa and Pierre being eliminated. Spain retaliated by winning the next Exemption Challenge and successfully got China and the United States to face the ballot. This led to Mitchell and Trenton getting eliminated, with Jennifer being forced to surrender and temporarily being taken out of the game. Australia winning at the next Exemption Challenge led to them targeting the remaining full factions: Brazil, India, and the UK. India once again won the Danger Dome, leading to Nelson and Serena getting voted out. India would retaliate by targeting Australia the next round along with Spain and the US. Australia would win the Danger Dome, with Cody and Eric losing their duels against Urijah and Ruby.

On Episode 6, it was announced that the remaining contestants would be divided into two brand new factions representing East Island and West Island. On the new East Island faction, Christian and Rebecca from France are singled out as an alliance. They form separate alliances with Vachan and Jaida within the group. On the new West Island, Jennifer and Urijah form a bond and begin working together. East Island won the next Exemption Challenge with Jonas as Commander and he decided to target Darcy with Jennifer and Ruby being nominated. West Island decided having Darcy (and Peyton) against Jonas would be beneficial and felt Darcy was an important asset, thus leading to Ruby being eliminated. East winning again with Jaida as Commander led to Jaida following her new alliance's idea: targeting Jonas' ally Ana Maria and nominating Jennifer and Urijah who were the sole survivors of their country. This plan was successful with Ana Maria getting eliminated next. Rebecca becoming Commander following another East win had her deciding to save her allies' country faction members and nominating Darcy, Jennifer, and Urijah. Ultimately, Jennifer and Urijah recruited Maisie and they voted out Darcy.

The remaining 11 contestants then played as individuals for the remainder of the game. This also marked the point where medallions would come into play. The former India faction were now controlling the game with alliances with former France Christian and Rebecca as well as Jaida on their side. Jennifer and Urijah were on the opposite side. Dara winning the next Exemption Challenge led to him nominating the opposite pair alongside Maisie. While Jaida was wanting to protect her UK partner, Jasmine and Vachan decided to vote off Maisie as she wasn't working with them. Jonas and Peyton both wanting to keep Jennifer and Urijah led to Maisie becoming the first juror. Urijah winning the next Exemption Challenge saw all three members of India face real danger for the first time. Vachan was ultimately voted out for being a major power player as a result. When Jaida won next, The India/France alliance convinced Jaida to continue targeting Jennifer/Urijah. Jonas saw an opportunity once he found a medallion to earn the trust of a strong player by saving Urijah in the ballot, although this led to Jennifer's elimination. Rebecca winning the next challenge led to outsiders in Jonas, Peyton, and Urijah to be targeted with Urijah being eliminated. When Dara won his second Exemption Challenge, he attempted to continue the target on Jonas and Peyton. Peyton however played a Fire Medallion at the ballot and saved herself. In addition, her and Jonas struck a deal with Christian and Rebecca which led to the four voting out Jasmine. When Dara won Exemption again, he saved himself from getting targeted. He also decided to target France for turning on him last round. Feeling that Rebecca was a potential threat in the final, Jaida voted alongside Jonas and Peyton to eliminate her. Dara winning for the third episode in a row led to Christian being eliminated.

Dara, Jaida, Jonas, and Peyton made the final four and competed in the Final Challenge to earn their place to plead their case to the jury for the win. In the end, Jaida was eliminated and became the final member of the jury. The three finalists plead their case as being underdogs: Dara for saving himself in challenge wins and being under the radar initially, Peyton for being a strong social player and getting to the end after losing her country, and Jonas for playing his way to the end when he was on the chomping block. The jury agreed and praised all three for their games. Ultimately, they felt Dara was a superstar player who dominated and Peyton was a great social player. While Jonas was appreciated as a player, the jury felt Dara and Peyton outshined him. In the end, Dara Singh won in a 5-3-0 vote to win the season.