The Cataclysm: Tokelau is the eighteenth season of the fictional reality competition series The Cataclysm. Taking place in the Polynesian island country of Tokelau, nine men and nine women will compete in the ultimate test of strength, endurance, and intelligence in order to be the "last one standing" and claim the $2,000,000 prize.

Contestant Gabriel Hunter later returned to compete on The Cataclysm: Vietnam, where he placed 12th. Winner April Hoskins returned to compete on The Cataclysm XXV.

Format Edit

  • Exemption Challenge: The Cataclysm's immunity challenge. The winners of this challenge are exempt from elimination.
  • Commander: Prior to an exemption challenge during the faction stage, each team must select a member to be the team captain. This player becomes the Commander for that challenge. The Commander of the winning faction gets to nominate three players from the opposite team to face the voting ballot.
  • Ballot: The Cataclysm's elimination round. Those nominated to face the ballot risk being eliminated.
  • Medallions: In addition to the Resurrection Medallion, the Fire Medallion, which allows the holder to instantly nominate a player for the ballot, and the Chaos Medallion, which allows the holder to leave all players up for elimination, excluding the holder of the chaos medallion and the exemption challenge winner.

New Features and Twists Edit

  • Faction Trade: On Episode 5, the two factions were given the opportunity to vote off a member of their faction. The contestants that received the most votes on the teams trade places.

Contestants Edit

Contestant Age Original Faction Drafted Faction Faction Trade Solo Stage Finish
Jacob Federman Jacobtokelau 33 Punalei 1st Eliminated

18th Place

Robin Drake Robintokelau 27 Punalei 2nd Eliminated

17th Place

Sidney West Sidneytokelau 22 Tima Punalei 3rd Eliminated

16th Place

Anna Magyar Annatokelau 29 Tima Punalei 4th Eliminated

15th Place

Marcel Thibodeau Marceltokelau 31 Tima Tima Tima 5th Eliminated

14th Place

Melissa Winchell Melissatokelau 24 Punalei Punalei Punalei 6th Eliminated

13th Place

Kristin Hill Kristintokelau 20 Punalei Punalei Punalei Individual 7th Eliminated

12th Place

Dianna Rodgers Diannatokelau 25 Punalei Tima Tima 8th Eliminated

11th Place

1st Jury Member

Damian Segal Damiantokelau 26 Punalei Tima Tima 9th Eliminated

10th Place

2nd Jury Member

Sven Dahlgren Sventokelau 29 Tima Tima Tima 10th Eliminated

9th Place

3rd Jury Member

Traci Tian Tracitokelau 19 Tima Tima Tima 11th Eliminated

8th Place

4th Jury Member

Sabrina Cruz Sabrinatokelau 32 Punalei Tima Punalei 12th Eliminated

7th Place

5th Jury Member

Gabriel Hunter Gabrieltokelau 28 Tima Punalei Punalei 13th Eliminated

6th Place

6th Jury Member

Sebastian Rivero Sebastiantokelau 23 Punalei Tima Tima 14th Eliminated

5th Place

7th Jury Member

Carrie Burgess Carrietokelau 42 Tima Punalei Tima 15th Eliminated

4th Place

8th Jury Member

Nia Lee Niatokelau 27 Punalei Tima Tima 16th Eliminated

3rd Place

9th Jury Member

Noa Alifa Noatokelau 30 Tima Punalei Punalei Runner-Up

Three Votes

April Hoskins Apriltokelau 30 Tima Punalei Punalei Winner of The Cataclysm

Six Votes

Episode Progress Edit

WINNER The contestant won The Cataclysm.
Runner-Up The contestant finished in 2nd place.
WIN The contestant won the Exemption Challenge as the Commander (Faction Stage), and nominated three opposing players for the voting ballot.
WIN The contestant won the Exemption Challenge and was immune from elimination.
SAFE The contestant was not immune, but was not placed in the ballot.
LOW The contestant faced the voting ballot and survived.
BTM The contestant faced the voting ballot and received the second highest number of votes.
ELIM The contestant received the highest number of votes and was subsequently eliminated.
Contestant Episode
1 2 3 4 5* 6 7* 8 9* 10* 11 12* 13* 14 15 16
April WIN WIN Sidney Anna WIN Melissa Kristin Dianna WIN Sven* Traci* Sabrina Gabriel Sebastian Carrie Nia WINNER
Noa WIN WIN Sidney Anna WIN Melissa Kristin WIN Damian Sven Traci Sabrina Gabriel* Sebastian Carrie Nia Runner-Up
Nia Jacob Robin WIN WIN Marcel WIN Kristin Dianna Damian Traci Traci WIN April Noa WIN April April
Carrie WIN WIN Sidney Anna Marcel WIN Kristin Dianna Damian Traci Traci Sabrina Gabriel Sebastian* Noa April
Sebastian Jacob Robin WIN WIN Marcel WIN Kristin Dianna Damian WIN WIN April WIN Noa Noa
Gabriel WIN WIN Sidney Anna WIN Melissa Kristin* Dianna Damian Sven Traci April April April
Sabrina Jacob Robin WIN WIN WIN Melissa Kristin Dianna Damian Sven Traci Noa April
Traci WIN WIN WIN WIN Carrie WIN Kristin Dianna Damian Sven Nia April
Sven WIN WIN WIN WIN Carrie WIN WIN Dianna Damian Traci April
Damian Jacob Robin WIN WIN Marcel* WIN Kristin Sven Sebastian Noa
Dianna Jacob Robin WIN WIN Marcel WIN Kristin Sven Noa
Kristin Sebastian Sebastian Sidney Anna WIN Melissa Sabrina
Melissa Jacob Robin Sidney Anna WIN April
Marcel WIN WIN WIN WIN Carrie
Anna WIN WIN Gabriel Kristin
Sidney WIN WIN Gabriel
Robin Sebastian Sebastian
Jacob Sebastian

Notes Edit

  • On Episode 5, Damian played the Chaos Medallion, thus adding all Tima members in the ballot excluding himself.
  • On Episode 7, Gabriel played the Resurrection Medallion, thus removing his nomination from the ballot.
  • On Episode 9, April played the Resurrection Medallion, thus removing her nomination from the ballot.
  • On Episode 10, April played the Chaos Medallion, thus adding everyone in the ballot excluding herself.
  • On Episode 12, Noa played the Fire Medallion, and nominated Gabriel to the voting ballot.
  • On Episode 13, the ballot votes came to a tie. As the winner of the Exemption Challenge, Carrie was allowed to vote to break the tie.
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