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The Cataclysm: Resurrection II is the 33rd season of the fictional reality competition series The Cataclysm. It is the eighth overall season to feature returning players on the cast. It is also the first Resurrection season in 10 years. Taking place in Guatemala, 11 men and 11 women compete in the ultimate test of strength, endurance, and intelligence in order to be the "last one standing" and claim the $2,000,000 prize.


  • Exemption Challenge: The Cataclysm's immunity challenge. The winners of this challenge are exempt from elimination.
  • Commander: Prior to an exemption challenge during the faction stage, each team must select a member to be the team captain. This player becomes the Commander for that challenge. The Commander of the winning faction gets to nominate three players from the opposite team to face the voting ballot.
  • Final Challenge: The finalists are determined in a Final Challenge, where the remaining contestants compete in a multi-level final competition that determines who advances to the end. In this season, the remaining five contestants compete to earn one of three final spots and the losers become the final members of the jury.
  • Ballot: The Cataclysm's elimination round. Those nominated to face the ballot risk being eliminated.
  • Medallions: In addition to the Resurrection Medallion, the other medallions available to use are: the Fire Medallion, which allows the holder to instantly nominate a player for the ballot, and the Chaos Medallion, which allows the holder to erase the ballot nominations and leave all the players up for elimination, excluding the holder of the chaos medallion and the exemption challenge winner.

New Twists/Changes[]

  • Second Chances: The returning contestants are all competing in their second chance at the prize. These players are looking to redeem their previous losses.
  • Purgatory: Previously eliminated contestants are given the opportunity to return to the game. Following each elimination during the faction stage, the cast-offs are taken to a secret island known as Purgatory. After the first ten eliminations, these contestants compete to earn their place back in the game. The two players that survive purgatory are re-entered into the game.
  • Reward of Redemption (ROR): Returning from The Ultimate Cataclysm, the Reward of Redemption this season is bequeathed to a player still in the game by the most recent eliminated player. This reward gives an advantage to a player in finding a hidden Medallion.


Contestant Age Original Faction Drafted Faction Solo Stage Finish
Asia Villani

La Mesopotamia - 2nd Runner Up

Asiares2.png 29 Cante 1st Eliminated

22nd Place

Alex Chen

Malaysia - 9th Place

Alexres2.png 31 Topoxte 2nd Eliminated

21st Place

Ayla Lewis

Socotra Island - 14th Place

Aylares2.png 33 Cante 3rd Eliminated

20th Place

Brad Gotti

Socotra Island - 7th Place

Bradres2.png 34 Topoxte 4th Eliminated

19th Place

Duncan Connelly

New World II - 6th Place

Duncanres2.png 33 Topoxte 5th Eliminated

18th Place

Elodie Beauchamp

New World II - 7th Place

Elodieres2.png 26 Cante Topoxte 7th Eliminated

17th Place

Rachelle Watkins

Hell On Earth - 5th Place

Rachelleres2.png 24 Cante Cante 9th Eliminated

16th Place

Ilias Cohen

Jordan - 7th Place

Iliasres2.png 35 Topoxte Topoxte 10th Eliminated

15th Place

Blake Holloway

Sierra Leone - Runner Up

Blakeres2.png 33 Topoxte Cante Individual 11th Eliminated

14th Place

1st Jury Member

Cecilia "Cici" Alexander

Panama - 8th Place

Cicires2.png 27 Cante

6th Eliminated

Returned to game

12th Eliminated

13th Place

2nd Jury Member

Cassidy Lambert

Socotra Island - 9th Place

Cassidyres2.png 27 Cante Cante 13th Eliminated

12th Place

3rd Jury Member

Artem Novak

New World II - Runner Up

Artemres2.png 37 Topoxte Topoxte 14th Eliminated

11th Place

4th Jury Member

Austin Long

Malaysia - 12th Place

Austinres2.png 27 Topoxte Topoxte 15th Eliminated

10th Place

5th Jury Member

Bianca Bradley

Sri Lanka - 6th Place

Biancares2.png 36 Cante Cante 16th Eliminated

9th Place

6th Jury Member

Rowan Boyd

Hell On Earth - 6th Place

Rowanres2.png 36 Topoxte Cante 17th Eliminated

8th Place

7th Jury Member

Jeanna Kirkland

Maluku Islands - 12th Place

Jeannares2.png 35 Cante Topoxte 18th Eliminated

7th Place

8th Jury Member

Hayes Hart

La Mesopotamia - 5th Place

Hayesres2.png 26 Topoxte Cante

8th Eliminated

Returned to game

19th Eliminated

6th Place

9th Jury Member

Jessica Landry

Sierra Leone - 7th Place

Jessicares2.png 31 Cante Topoxte 20th Eliminated

Lost Final Challenge Pt. 2

5th Place

10th Jury Member

Angela Gardner

Malaysia - 8th Place

Angelares2.png 38 Cante Cante 21st Eliminated

Lost Final Challenge Pt. 3

4th Place

11th Jury Member

Curtis Moreno

New World - 14th Place

Curtisres2.png 40 Topoxte Topoxte

Second Runner Up

Zero Votes

Lauren Elliot

New World II - 8th Place

Laurenres2.png 34 Cante Topoxte

Runner Up

Five Votes

Heath Finch

Vietnam - 11th Place

Heathres2.png 38 Topoxte Cante

Winner of The Cataclysm

Six Votes

Episode Progress[]

WINNER The contestant won The Cataclysm: Resurrection II.
Runner-Up The contestant finished in 2nd place.
2nd Runner-Up The contestant finished in 3rd place.
WIN The contestant won the Exemption Challenge as the Commander (Faction Stage), and nominated three opposing players for the voting ballot.
WIN The contestant won the Exemption Challenge and was immune from elimination.
SAFE The contestant was not immune, but was not placed in the ballot.
LOW The contestant faced the voting ballot and survived.
BTM The contestant faced the voting ballot and received the second highest number of votes.
ELIM The contestant received the highest number of votes and was subsequently eliminated.
Contestant Episode
1 2 3 4 5* 6* 7 8 9* 10 11* 12 13 14* 15 16* 17* 18 19 20
Heath WIN Alex WIN Brad Duncan WIN WIN Hayes Rachelle* WIN Blake Cici Bianca Artem* Rowan Bianca Rowan Jeanna Hayes WIN WINNER
Lauren Asia WIN Ayla WIN WIN Cici Artem WIN WIN Ilias Blake Cici Cassidy Angela Austin Bianca Rowan* Hayes WIN WIN Runner-Up
Curtis WIN Alex WIN Brad Duncan WIN Elodie WIN WIN Jeanna Blake* Cici Bianca Artem WIN Bianca Rowan WIN Hayes WIN 2nd Runner-Up
Angela Asia WIN Cici WIN WIN Cici* WIN Hayes Rachelle WIN Blake WIN Bianca Artem Rowan Bianca* Rowan Jeanna Hayes ELIM Heath
Jessica Asia WIN Cici WIN WIN Cici Elodie WIN WIN Jeanna Blake Cici WIN Artem Rowan Bianca WIN Jeanna Hayes ELIM Heath
Hayes WIN Alex WIN Brad Duncan* WIN WIN Rachelle Rowan Blake Cici Cassidy Artem Austin Angela Jeanna Jeanna Angela Heath
Jeanna Asia WIN Ayla WIN WIN Lauren Elodie WIN WIN Ilias Blake Cici Cassidy Angela Austin Angela Rowan Hayes Lauren Lauren
Rowan WIN Alex WIN Brad Duncan WIN WIN Hayes Blake WIN WIN Cici Cassidy WIN Austin WIN Jeanna Hayes Heath
Bianca Asia WIN Ayla WIN WIN Lauren WIN Hayes Blake WIN Blake Cici Cassidy Angela Austin Angela Jeanna Lauren
Austin WIN Rowan WIN Brad Duncan WIN Elodie WIN WIN Ilias Blake Cici Cassidy Artem Rowan Angela Heath
Artem WIN Alex WIN Curtis Ilias WIN Elodie WIN WIN Ilias Blake Cici Cassidy Angela Lauren Lauren
Cassidy Asia WIN Ayla WIN WIN Cici WIN Hayes Rachelle WIN Blake Cici Bianca Lauren Lauren
Cici Asia WIN Ayla WIN WIN Lauren Jeanna Blake Bianca Jeanna Lauren
Blake WIN Alex WIN Brad Duncan WIN WIN Hayes Rachelle WIN Heath Heath Heath
Ilias WIN Alex WIN Brad Duncan WIN Elodie WIN WIN Jeanna Curtis
Rachelle Asia WIN Cici WIN WIN Cici WIN Hayes Blake Rowan
Elodie Asia WIN Ayla WIN WIN Cici Artem Lauren
Duncan WIN Alex WIN Curtis Ilias Artem
Brad WIN Alex WIN Curtis Artem
Ayla Asia WIN Cici Angela
Alex WIN Rowan Austin
Asia Cici Hayes


  • On Episode 5, Hayes played the Chaos Medallion, thus adding everyone eligible into the voting ballot while removing his own.
  • On Episode 6, Angela played the Resurrection Medallion, thus removing her nomination from the voting ballot.
  • On Episode 9, Heath played the Fire Medallion and nominated Rachelle for the voting ballot.
  • On Episode 11, Cici and Hayes re-entered the game after surviving Purgatory. Also, Curtis played the Resurrection Medallion, thus removing his nomination from the voting ballot.
  • On Episode 14, Heath played the Chaos Medallion, thus adding everyone eligible into the voting ballot while removing his own.
  • On Episode 16, Angela played the Fire Medallion and nominated Bianca for the voting ballot.
  • On Episode 17, Lauren played the Resurrection Medallion, thus removing her nomination from the voting ballot.

Season Summary[]

The 22 contestants are welcomed in Guatemala to begin their second chance at the game. They learn the factions would be split between men and women. On Cante, alliances formed between friends Angela and Jessica along with Ayla. There was also an alliance between Bianca, Cici, and Jeanna who bonded over being the sole representatives from their seasons long ago. On Topoxte, major voting blocs formed between Artem/Brad/Duncan and Blake/Curtis/Ilias/Heath with Austin and Alex reforming their alliance from Malaysia.

Topoxte won the first Exemption Challenge with Ilias as Commander. In order to not target potential allies from the other guys, he targets Bianca and Cici along with Asia. Angela's alliance initially attempted to vote out Bianca, however others felt Asia was a weaker competitor leading to her being the first eliminated. When Cante won next with Cassidy as Commander, she decided Austin and Alex of Malaysia along with Rowan, much to the dismay of Angela. This led to Alex being voted out next. The men won the next challenge with Rowan as Commander. He nominated Cassidy for her nomination last round along side a strong physical player in Cici and a weak physical player in Ayla to push the vote onto the former. Ultimately, Ayla was blindsided and voted out. With Angela winning as Commander for the women, she targeted Cassidy's fellow Socotra castmate in Brad along with Curtis and Hayes. An outsider alliance formed between Austin, Hayes, and Rowan which was kept secret. They ultimately decided to side with Curtis' alliance and voted out Brad. The women won again with Lauren as Commander with initial nominees of Curtis, Hayes, and Rowan. With Hayes playing a Chaos Medallion, the target shifted with Artem/Duncan being focused on. As a result, Duncan was voted out. With the men winning next with Commander Hayes, he targeted Angela and Lauren for nominating him as well as Cici. Angela saved herself from the ballot with a Resurrection Medallion. Feeling Lauren was a better asset for their team, Cici was therefore voted out.

A faction draft occurred on Episode 7. On the new Topoxte, Curtis and Ilias remained aligned with Artem, Elodie, and Lauren forming a reunion New World II alliance. On the new Cante, Rachelle and Rowan reunited with the two forming an alliance with Hayes. Blake and Heath ultimately decide to target that new alliance by forming bonds with separate players in Angela and Cassidy. When Cante won with Cassidy as Commander, Blake and Heath made a deal with her to target the New World II alumni in hopes of eliminating Artem. Topoxte decided to keep Artem and Lauren as stronger competitors and voted out Elodie as a result. Ilias as Commander for the winning Topoxte led to him directly asking Blake/Heath on who to nominate, learning of the new Hell On Earth alliance. Ilias decides to nominate Rachelle, Rowan, and Hayes. Unable to find a Medallion, Hayes was voted out for being a potential threat.

When Jeanna became Commander following Topoxte's win, she decided to approach Artem and Lauren about aligning. They agreed and chose to target Blake and Heath. Jeanna nominated Angela as well as they were on opposite sides to begin with. In order to save themselves, Angela, Blake, and Heath worked together to find the Fire Medallion and chose to target Rachelle as they felt they could work with Rowan if reunited with Austin later on while Rachelle was a wild card to them, and thus the plan was successful. Rowan became Commander next and immediately targeted Ilias and his alliance with Blake. He also nominated Jeanna, which nearly sent her home. However, Ilias was viewed as a potential long term threat and was voted out 4-3.

With 12 contestants remaining, they were informed that the Solo Stage was to begin. Prior to that, the eliminated contestants in Purgatory competed to re-enter the game. The challenge was won by Cici and Hayes - thus re-entering them into the game. Alliances were drawn between Bianca/Cici/Jeanna, Artem/Lauren, Angela/Jessica, Blake/Heath, Austin/Hayes/Rowan with blocs formed between Angela/Jessica/Blake/Curtis/Heath and Artem/Lauren/Bianca/Cici/Jeanna. Rowan won the first individual Exemption Challenge and targeted the Blake/Curtis/Heath alliance. Following Curtis playing a Medallion, the vote came down to Blake and Heath. Heath's stronger relationships led to him staying and Blake being eliminated. Angela winning next led to her once again targeting Bianca, Cici, and Jeanna. Everyone decided to vote Cici out feeling she was a bigger competitive threat of the three. Jessica winning continued the target on Bianca and Jeanna. Her nominating Cassidy led to the Austin/Hayes/Rowan and Artem/Lauren alliances deciding to work together to blindside the other and voted Cassidy out. Rowan once again winning led to Angela, Heath, and Jessica being targeted. With Heath playing a Chaos Medallion, Angela convinced Austin to work with her and target Artem. In a 6-4 vote, Artem was blindsided and next eliminated.

Curtis won the next Exemption Challenge and decided to target the Austin/Hayes/Rowan alliance with intentions of getting rid of Rowan. Feeling Rowan would retaliate later on, outsiders Bianca, Jeanna, and Lauren made a deal with Hayes and Rowan to vote out Austin. As a result, Austin was next eliminated. Rowan would win next and as expected, targeted Angela, Curtis, and Heath. Angela playing a Fire Medallion led to Lauren making a secret deal with Curtis and Heath to convince Angela to stay away from her in exchange for her vote. As a result, Angela nominated Bianca and she was voted out. Jessica won the next Exemption Challenge and nominated Jeanna, Lauren, and Rowan. Fearing Rowan being spared to retaliate again, Lauren saved herself with the Resurrection Medallion. In the end, Rowan was voted out. Curtis winning next led to Hayes, Jeanna, and Jessica being nominated. With the exception of Lauren, everyone else voted out Jeanna. In the final Exemption Challenge, Lauren won and secured a secret final 3 deal with Curtis and Heath by sparing them of the voting ballot. Fearing Hayes was a threat to make final and win, he was voted out.

In the Final Challenge of the season, Angela, Curtis, Heath, Jessica, and Lauren competed in the multi-stage challenge to earn a spot in the final 3. Curtis, Heath, and Lauren worked together throughout to make it to the end, which enrages Angela and Jessica who learn that they've been blindsided by the men. In the second stage, Jessica was eliminated. In the final stage, Angela was eliminated and became the final member of the jury.

Curtis, Lauren, and Heath faced the 11 Jury members and plead the case as to why they deserved to win. All three were well received, with a split vote between Lauren and Heath from their tenacity during the season. In the end, Heath Finch won in a 6-5-0 vote.