The Cataclysm: All Stars is the sixth overall and first all-star season of the reality competition show The Cataclysm. For the first time in series history, 10 men and 10 women from previous seasons return to compete for the $2,000,000 prize and the title of All Stars champion.

Alexis Mateo later returned to compete on The Cataclysm: Resurrection, making her the first three-time player in series history. Jared Fife and Sabrina Pena returned to compete for a third time on The Cataclysm: Immortals - Champions Vs. Avengers. Craig King, Kyle Hancock, Tanner Davis, and Tatianna Lee later returned to compete on The Ultimate Cataclysm.

Format Edit

  • Exemption Challenge: The Cataclysm's immunity challenge. The winner(s) of this competition is exempt from elimination and has the power to save other contestants from competing in the Danger Dome.
  • Danger Dome: The Cataclysm's elimination round. The nominated contestants must compete in the Danger Dome to stay in the game.

New Features / Twists Edit

  • Factions: For the first time in series history, the contestants will be split into large factions as opposed to pairs of two. The players are divided based on their previous seasons.
  • New Exemption Challenge Format: Another first for the series is an update in the game's format. The winner of the Exemption Challenge achieves immunity as well as the power to grant immunity for another. During the faction stage, winning teams will be able to save another faction from the Danger Dome. During the solo stage, an individual will be able to grant immunity for another individual.
  • Ballots: Contestants without any form of immunity will be able to vote another player into the Danger Dome. The contestants that receive votes will compete in the Danger Dome.
  • All Star Roulette: Offered once every two episodes, one contestant can test their luck with the hopes of achieving a prize, although their choice may have repercussions. Potential prizes include $20,000 in cash, an advantage in an Exemption Challenge, two votes in a ballot, and a Resurrection Medallion. Potential repercussions include losing the right to vote in a ballot, an automatic nomination for the Danger Dome, and having their prize money reduced to $1,000,000 should they win. Playable until Episode 10.
  • Resurrection Medallion: Earned only at the All Star Roulette, this special power gives the recipient the power to undo events at the Danger Dome. This power can prevent a player from being eliminated and can be used on the recipient or on another player. Can only be used once.

All Star Profiles Edit




Remembered For

Alexis Mateo Honduras 3rd place Being a dominant force from the start. Won multiple Exemption Challenges and survived the Danger Dome multiple times.
Austin Carpenter Honduras 9th place Maintaining a strong pair with Alexis during the team stage and falling victim to a pact to split them.
Bethany Morgan Okinawa Islands 8th place Her alliance with Madison and Paige Shelton, her annoyance with Kyle, and being the first woman to strike against the men on her season.
Craig King New Zealand 3rd place Being an incredible strategic and social player, and ultimately forming an alliance with eventual winner, Alyssa Phillips. Considered by some to be "the best to never win".
Dustin Parsons Kenya 8th place Maintaining a grasp over the game with his successful alliance with the red and blue teams. Also known for being one of the few non-polarizing members of this alliance.
Erika Reed Belize Winner Being the first woman to win the game. She received acclaim for her well-rounded abilities as a player without having to play dirty.
Jared Fife Belize 5th place Dominating the early portion of the game by winning three of the first five exemption challenges. Also known for being a vocal opponent of the twins in the game.
Jesse Perry New Zealand 5th place His alliance with Ezra Cromwell and Matthew Saunders, as well as his ability to sway nominations despite being a target.
Johnny Fleming Kenya 6th place His cockiness, his shamelessness, and his creation of a strong alliance through the pair selection.
Kyle Hancock Okinawa Islands 3rd place Being loud, crude, and annoying many of his fellow competitors, specifically the women of the season. Also known for his challenge dominance.
Madison Lloyd Okinawa Islands 4th place Leading an all-female alliance against the bigger male threats in the competition. She proved to be a resilient force, even when she was left without any allies.
Natalie Doyle Kenya 2nd place Her feud with Tatianna, as she was subject to verbal abuse from her. Considered to be the first truly successful "floater" in the game.
Peter Cox Okinawa Islands 6th place Avoiding elimination early on and managing to reach the top six despite being an early target. Also known for being "dorky" and for being very tongue-in-cheek.
Sabrina Pena New Zealand 10th place Receiving plenty of attention due to her looks and being one of the few women to reach the solo stage in New Zealand. Fell victim to persuasion and being a threat.
Shannon Ruth Belize 6th place Dominating the team stage along with Jared and for her opposition to the inclusion of twins.
Sienna Kachingwe New Zealand 6th place Her verbal battle with Anthony Griffin following her exemption challenge win and her cunning wit shown in her confessionals. Also known for her burial of partner Nicole's game as a juror.
Tanner Davis Belize 4th place His sympathy towards the twins and his resilience as a player. Became popular among viewers because of his humble nature.
Tatianna Lee Kenya 4th place Being a villain on her season. She was in conflicts with many contestants, including Natalie. Her sharp tongue and unapologetic demeanour added to an already physical threat.
Toby Muscarella Honduras 5th place Being an outsider due to his weak social skills and quirks, and managing to place in the top five despite his setbacks.
Yara Vélez Honduras 4th place Being an eccentric, hilarious character with no filter. Became adored for her humor and her unpredictability. Known for slamming her partner, Shaun, as a jury member.

Contestants Edit



Original Faction


Alexis Mateo Alexisallstar 29 Honduras Medical Evacuation

20th place

Peter Cox Peterallstar 28 Okinawa Islands 1st eliminated

19th place

Jesse Perry Jesseallstar 24 New Zealand 2nd/3rd eliminated

17th/18th place

Natalie Doyle Natalieallstar 30 Kenya
Johnny Fleming Johnnyallstar 33 Kenya 4th/5th eliminated

15th/16th place

Madison Lloyd Madisonallstar 29 Okinawa Islands
Craig King Craigallstar 29 New Zealand 6th/7th eliminated

13th/14th place

Austin Carpenter Austinallstar 27 Honduras
Bethany Morgan Bethanyallstar 25 Okinawa Islands 8th eliminated

12th place

1st Jury Member

Dustin Parsons Dustinallstar 31 Kenya 9th eliminated

11th place

2nd Jury Member

Erika Reed Erikaallstar 26 Belize 10th eliminated

10th place

3rd Jury Member

Tatianna Lee Tatiannaallstar 24 Kenya 11th eliminated

9th place

4th Jury Member

Tanner Davis Tannerallstar 23 Belize 12th eliminated

8th place

5th Jury Member

Shannon Ruth Shannonallstar 25 Belize 13th eliminated

7th place

6th Jury Member

Sienna Kachingwe Siennaallstar 26 New Zealand 14th eliminated

6th place

7th Jury Member

Kyle Hancock Kyleallstar 32 Okinawa Islands 15th eliminated

5th place

8th Jury Member

Yara Vélez Yaraallstar 25 Honduras 16th eliminated

4th place

9th Jury Member

Toby Muscarella Tobyallstar 31 Honduras Second Runner-Up

3rd place

Zero votes

Sabrina Pena Sabrinaallstar 23 New Zealand Runner-Up

2nd place

2 votes

Jared Fife Jaredallstar 25 Belize Winner of The Cataclysm

7 votes

Episode Progress Edit

WINNER The contestant won The Cataclysm.
Runner-Up The contestant finished in 2nd place.
2nd Runner-Up The contestant finished in 3rd place.
WIN The contestant won the Exemption Challenge, was immune from elimination, and gave immunity to another of their choice.
EXE The contestant received immunity from the winner of the Exemption Challenge.
SAFE The contestant was not immune, but was not placed in the Danger Dome.
LOW The contestant competed in the Danger Dome and was safe.
BTM The contestant was the last to finish in the Danger Dome, but was safe.
SAFE The contestant played the Resurrection Medallion.
ELIM The contestant was eliminated from the game.
OUT The contestant had to forfeit due to an injury.



1* 2* 3 4* 5 6* 7 8* 9 10* 11 12 13 14 15
Jared Kyle WIN EXE EXE Kyle Dustin Erika WIN Tatianna WIN EXE EXE BTM WIN WINNER
Sabrina Peter Tatianna WIN Austin Tanner Dustin WIN Toby EXE Kyle Toby Toby/Yara WIN LOW Runner-Up
Toby EXE EXE Tatianna Sienna WIN Dustin Erika Erika Tatianna EXE Shannon Sienna LOW BTM 2nd Runner-Up
Yara EXE EXE Tatianna Craig EXE Dustin Erika Erika Tatianna Tanner Shannon Sienna EXE ELIM Jared
Kyle Tanner Jesse Johnny Austin Tanner WIN Dustin EXE Tatianna Sabrina WIN WIN ELIM Jared
Sienna Peter Tatianna WIN Austin Tanner EXE EXE Toby WIN Kyle Toby Yara Sabrina
Shannon Kyle WIN EXE EXE Kyle Dustin Erika Erika Tatianna Tanner Toby Jared
Tanner Kyle WIN EXE EXE Kyle Tatianna Dustin Shannon Jared Sienna Jared
Tatianna WIN Natalie Madison WIN Bethany Toby Kyle Toby Shannon Jared
Erika Kyle WIN EXE EXE Kyle Tatianna Dustin Shannon Jared
Dustin WIN Jesse Madison WIN Kyle Toby Kyle Sabrina
Bethany Tanner Jesse Johnny Austin Tanner Jared
Austin EXE EXE Johnny Craig
Craig Peter Tatianna WIN Austin
Madison Tanner Jesse Johnny
Johnny WIN Jesse Madison
Natalie WIN Tatianna
Jesse Peter Tatianna
Peter Tanner
Alexis OUT

Notes Edit

  • On Episode 1, Alexis was injured during the first exemption challenge and was forced to pull out of the game.
  • On Episode 2, Austin earned the opportunity to play the All Star Roulette - where he won $20,000 in cash.
  • On Episode 4, Sabrina played in the All Star Roulette and received an automatic Danger Dome nomination.
  • On Episode 6, Toby played in the All Star Roulette, and was rewarded the Resurrection Medallion.
  • On Episode 8, Sienna played in the All Star Roulette and received an advantage in the next Exemption Challenge.
  • On Episode 10, Sabrina played in the All Star Roulette and received two votes for an upcoming ballot.

Season Summary Edit

Arriving in the exotic paradise of Bundala National Park are 20 contestants representing each previous season: Okinawa Islands, Kenya, Belize, New Zealand, and Honduras. Located in Sri Lanka's Southern Province, the returning men and women are greeted and congratulated on participating in the show's first all-star season. The players are immediately introduced to the Faction format, in which they'll compete in large groups as opposed to pairs of two. Separated based on their prior season, the contestants reconnect with familiar faces as they prepare for the game to begin.

Faction Stage Edit

The players representing Kenya and New Zealand have a tough time burying the hatchet. Within the faction representing the second season, Tatianna openly expresses her irritation with the format. She mentions not wanting to work with Natalie or Johnny based on past experiences. Dustin comforts her for the sake of unity and offers to form an alliance with her, much to the dismay of Natalie and Johnny. Over on the New Zealand side, Sabrina and Sienna form a bond and question the loyalties of both Craig and Jesse due to their history. Craig becomes concerned over the new format, feeling that he may become an early target.

At the first exemption challenge of the season, the intensity leads to unfortunate events with Alexis being forced to seek medical attention for a leg injury. Ultimately, the Kenya faction wins and decides to grant exemption for Honduras after losing a player. The remaining three factions cast their ballots for the first Danger Dome, in which Belize and New Zealand each agree to target the stacked Okinawa team. Following Peter's elimination, the third and fourth seasons formed an alliance. They also worked on getting Honduras on their side in order to take out bigger targets. Despite losing Jesse, internal issues added to the built alliance and ended up with Natalie, Johnny, and Madison being eliminated.

During the fourth episode, the remaining members of Kenya won the exemption challenge and granted immunity to Belize in exchange for future safety. In an effort to break up the major alliance, Tatianna and Dustin made a secret deal with Jared and Shannon to dismantle the other factions. With Sabrina receiving an automatic Danger Dome nomination, the new foursome worked on getting all of New Zealand to face elimination. Although Honduras was set to target Craig, Jared convinced Toby to vote Sienna as well in order to increase their odds. New Zealand attempted to counter the plan by aligning with Kyle and Bethany from the first season. They agreed to target Austin, and ultimately two strong players were eliminated when Austin and Craig were both sent home.

Solo Stage Edit

Upon beginning the individual portion of the game, the alliances were initially drawn with Belize working with the remaining Honduras faction, Jared and Shannon working with Tatianna and Dustin left from the Kenya faction, and Bethany, Kyle, Sabrina, and Sienna formed as outsiders.

Episode 5 showed both alliance's going after the largest physical threat on each side - Kyle and Tanner. A sneak vote from Tatianna led to Bethany's nomination and ultimate elimination. Following Kyle's exemption challenge win on the next episode, the main alliance scrambled to form a plan. Due to the only outsider eligible for voting being Sabrina, Jared and Shannon agreed that facing her would be too risky and decided to end their alliance with Tatianna and Dustin. In order to protect themselves, they claimed that their plan was to target Toby. The Danger Dome showed Tatianna and Dustin surviving with Toby seemingly going home, until he played the Resurrection Medallion and cancelled out his elimination.

Issues began to plague the Belize faction when Erika and Tanner wanted to target Toby and Yara, as they felt the remaining Honduras representatives were getting a free ride. Jared and Shannon used this as fuel to form a solid pact with Toby and Yara in order to send Erika home. Following this, Jared and Kyle made a deal to secure each other and have the remaining outsiders eliminated. The eliminations of Tatianna and Tanner soon followed.

In the final six seven, the deal between Jared and Kyle helped keep Jared out of danger, although Shannon was eliminated during this time. In the final five, Sabrina spared herself from the Danger Dome and nominated the three remaining men to compete, in which Kyle was shockingly eliminated. The final exemption challenge of the season guaranteed Jared a spot in the finals, and Sabrina and Toby each secured their spots when they survived the final Danger Dome of the season.

The three finalists - Jared, Sabrina, and Toby - each faced the all-star jury of nine and pleaded their case as to why they deserved the grand prize. Jared explained coming back for redemption and to prove that he truly had what it took to win the game. From the very start, he mentioned reforming old alliances as well as building new alliances at the right time. He took credit for eliminating some of the greatest contestants and for being an incredible physical threat, a cunning strategist, and a smart social player. Sabrina drew attention to her substantial improvement from her last appearance and being able to survive to the very end despite being on the outside for the majority of the game. She took credit in beating out strong players in the Danger Dome and also helping her allies when they needed her most. Toby showcased his willingness to play harder compared to last time and taking more risks in the game than before. He explained that because he wasn't viewed as an immediate threat, he was able to play undetected and form strong bonds with the other players.

The jury congratulated each player for their improvements from their last seasons. Jared received acclaim for his tenacity and for covering all of his bases throughout the game. Erika expressed disappointment with how Jared "overplayed" in certain areas but nonetheless praised him for controlling the game. Sabrina was also viewed positively by the jury due to how hard she played on All Stars. Despite being viewed as deserving of the prize, jurors felt that Jared overshadowed her in the game. Bethany and Sienna were the biggest supporters of Sabrina's game. In contrast to the other finalists, Toby's game wasn't received as well. The jurors agreed that Toby's position in the game wasn't based on his abilities, but rather his luck. Tanner mentioned how "protected he was by others so that they could use him as a goat". While the Resurrection Medallion play stunned the contestants, the jury felt that it highlighted Toby's luck and that he would've left much earlier in the game.

In the end, Jared Fife of the series' third season Belize defeated Sabrina Pena of New Zealand and Tobias "Toby" Muscarella of Honduras in a 7-2-0 vote. Fife became the first all-star winner and sixth person to be the last one standing and win the $2,000,000 prize.

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