The Cataclysm is a fictional reality competition series which challenges contestants in the ultimate test of strength, endurance, and intelligence in order to win the $2,000,000 prize. Similar to the reality show Survivor, contestants travel to remote locations to experience an "end of the world" scenario. Completely isolated from the outside world, the contestants colonize and build a unique society while also competing in the game. In order to claim the prize money, they must work on surviving the elements and each other as they must avoid elimination by any means possible.

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List of The Cataclysm seasons


Season Title


Original Teams/Factions

Winner Runner(s)-up Vote
1 The Cataclysm: Okinawa Islands Okinawa Islands, Japan 10 pairs of two, each consisting of one man and one woman. Joshua Underwood Logan Lewis Kyle Hancock 6-2-1
2 The Cataclysm: Kenya Shaba National Reserve, Kenya, Africa Thiago Lopez Natalie Doyle 9-0
3 The Cataclysm: Belize Chiquibul National Park, Cayo District, Belize Nine pairs of two, each consisting of one man and one woman. Erika Reed Quentin Alba Ashley Tiller 5-3-1
4 The Cataclysm: New Zealand Great Barrier Island, New Zealand 10 pairs of two members of the same sex. Alyssa Phillips Nicole Robinson 5-4
5 The Cataclysm: Honduras Jeanette Kawas National Park, Honduras 10 pairs of two, each consisting of one man and one woman. Sidney Jacobs Scott Blumberg 6-1
6 The Cataclysm: All Stars Bundala National Park, Sri Lanka Five factions of four, divided based on their previous season. Jared Fife Sabrina Pena Toby Muscarella 7-2-0
The Cataclysm: Sri Lanka Three factions of six. Jade Houston Andrew Pratt 6-1
7 The Cataclysm: Kingdom of Tonga Vava'u island group, Tonga, central Polynesia Aisha Jewel Laila Maxwell 5-2
The Cataclysm: New Caledonia Isle of Pines, New Caledonia Abram Manning Cole Cooper 4-3
8 The Cataclysm: Malta Maltese Islands, southern Europe Two factions of nine. Jesse Garcia Alexandra Booth Heather Dennis 6-1-0
The Cataclysm: Tunisia Jebel Chitana-Cap Négro National Park, Tunisia Braden Trevino Jodi Mitchell & Levi Donovan 5-1-1
9 The Cataclysm: Maluku Islands Maluku Islands, Indonesia Two factions of 10, and then three factions of six. Casey Landon Oscar Colon Pat Jackson 8-1-0
The Cataclysm: Resurrection Two factions of 10 returning players. Keven Blackburn Kristina Roman 6-3
10 The Cataclysm: Crete Crete, Greek Islands Two factions of 10. Tessa Jimenez Artur Kobzar 7-2
The Cataclysm: Costa Rica Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica Four factions of five. Michael O'Connor Piper Kennedy 9-0
11 The Cataclysm: Visayas Visayan Islands, Phillipines Four factions of five, each featuring a returning player. Kaya Matthias Brielle Leyva & JC Brennan 9-0-0
The Cataclysm: New World Tokelau, Polynesia, South Pacific No official factions. Karim Gibbs Jackson King Xavier Lopez 4-3-2
12 The Cataclysm: Tokelau Two factions of nine. April Hoskins Noa Alifa 6-3
The Cataclysm: Amazon Jungle Peruvian Amazon, South America Jacqueline Bourque Summer Yates 8-1
13 The Cataclysm: Immortals - Champions Vs. Avengers Republic of Panama, Central America Two factions of 10 returning players, divided by winners and their greatest adversaries. Lyle King Aliyah Nash Kaya Matthias 6-2-1
The Cataclysm: Panama Three factions of six. Caspar Viedt Renee Reeves Zachary Nicholson 5-4-0
14 The Cataclysm: La Mesopotamia Iguazú National Park, Misiones, Argentine Mesopotamia Paige Lawson Talia Quinn Asia Villani 6-3-0
The Cataclysm: Vietnam Côn Dao National Park, South Vietnam Four factions of four, with each faction having a returning player as representative. Ayumi Chigusa Kehlani Christian 9-0
15 The Cataclysm: Jordan - Cradle of Civilization Dana Biosphere Reserve, south-central Jordan Four factions of five. Mason Williams Claudia Joseph & Trevor Oduya 9-0-0
The Cataclysm XXV Gola Rainforest National Park, Sierra Leone, Africa Three factions of six. Factions divided by new players, returning players, and veterans who've played twice previously. Sasha Taylor Alison Lawrence Jesse Perry 5-3-0
16 The Cataclysm: Sierra Leone Two factions of ten. Lark de la Cruz Blake Holloway 7-4
The Cataclysm: Malaysia Tiga Island National Park, Sabah, Malaysia Savannah Hamilton Travis Anderson Jamie Quinn 5-4-1
17 The Cataclysm: Socotra Island Socotra Island, Socotra Archipelago, Yemen Sabrina Johnston Garrett Weaver & Imogen Matthews 7-1-1
The Cataclysm: New World II No official factions. Georgina Gray Artem Novak Daniella Figueroa 6-2-0
18 The Ultimate Cataclysm Okinawa Islands, Japan Three factions of eight previous contestants each who best represented the strength, the endurance, and the intelligence qualities. Hazel Kavanaugh Erin Montoya Sidney Jacobs 7-3-1
19 The Cataclysm: Hell On Earth The Australian Outback, Australia 18 individual players. Baron Ashburn Nathan Keating & Susan Marietta 8-0-0
The Cataclysm: World At War Lau Islands, Fiji Eight factions of three representing their countries of origin. Dara Singh Peyton Mussett Jonas Caetano 5-3-0
20 The Cataclysm: Resurrection II Tikal National Park, Guatemala Two factions of 11 returning players. Heath Finch Lauren Elliot Curtis Moreno 6-5-0
The Cataclysm: Mayan Warfare 18 individual players. Paisley George Madeleine Rehn 6-3
21 The Cataclysm: Santa Maria Santa Maria Island, The Azores, Portugal Four factions of five, each featuring a returning player. Alexis Hennessy Jennifer Dai 7-2
The Cataclysm: China Potatso National Park, Yunnan Province, China Three factions of six.
22 The Cataclysm: Bay of Bengal Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India
The Cataclysm: Nicobar - World At War II Five factions of three representing their countries of origin, and three factions of three returning players representing their season.
23 The Cataclysm: Eons Lau Islands, Fiji Four factions of six divided into Champions, Avengers, All Stars, and Resurrected.
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